Managing the legal aspects of property ownership often includes more than meets the eye. Whether you are an individual property investor, a body corporate or a managing agent, we can assist you in developing a compliance management framework for your portfolio.

Manage your Compliance program online using our Body Corporate portal which will enable you to:

  1. Share information, documents and procedural policies with your Trustees and members,
  2. Share your Scheme Rules with residents,
  3. Create and manage groups of members based on their participation quotas or exclusive use rights,
  4. Maintain your Governance Documents i.t.o. the STSM Act,
  5. Maintain, and update your regulatory compliance required in Section 3 of the STSM Act,
  6. Create and assign Tasks to contractors in accordance with the Repair, Replacement and Maintenance Plans
  7. Integrate your community reporting and communication mobile app.